The Royal Silverdale of Lancashire - Discover the Menu


At The Royal Silverdale we're passionate about serving fantastic locally sourced and seasonal produce. View our sample menus.


Served 12pm - 2.30pm


Roast beef, horseradish & watercress £6.50

Honey roast ham, English mustard £5.95

Creamy Lancashire cheese & pickle £5.50

Tuna mayonnaise, sweetcorn & lettuce £5.50

Crisp garden salad & pesto £5.50

Roast chicken, lettuce, crisp bacon mayonnaise £5.95

A little peckish?

Add a bowl of homemade soup £2.00

Add a basket of hand cut chips or fries £2.00

Nibbles and Small Plates

Soup of the day, warm artisan bread (v)(g/f)  £4.50

Smoked duck, apple, roasted hazelnuts, BBQ glaze (g/f) £4.50

Parma ham, crusty bread, provencal olives, parmesan shavings £4.00

Charred pitta bread, garlic hummus (v) £3.00

Deep fried brie, tomato chilli chutney (v) £3.50

Smoked salmon, spring onion, cucumber,hoisin glaze (g/f) £4.50

Royal bravas potatoes, garlic, sweet chilli mayonnaise (v)(g/f) £3.50

Fresh mozzarella, sun blush tomato, black pepper, balsamic (v)(g/f) £3.50

Tomato, avocado, red pepper, bruschetta, sea salt, olive oil (v) £3.50

Panko calamari, olive, watercress, tomato, lemon mayonnaise £4.50

Main Courses

Served 5pm - 8pm

Chunky fish casserole, sweet potato, spinach, charred sourdough bread  £15.95

Burrows 8oz rump steak, grilled tomato, mushrooms, thick cut chips, onion rings £17.95

Chicken breast, parmesan, gnocchi, mustard cream, wild mushrooms, kale £15.95

Vegan lentil, mushroom shepherds pie, rosemary roasted root vegetables (Ve)(v) (g/f) £13.50

Lambs liver, buttered mash, tender stem, broccoli, roast onion, thyme sauce (g/f) £14.50

Chilli mixed bean & mushroom, basmati rice, charred bread (v)  £13.50      

Royals own 8oz pork, leek, pepper sausage, butter mash, sticky red cabbage  £11.95

Chickpea, spinach, mozzarella burger, brioche bun, pesto, slaw, cajun fries (v)(g/f)   £12.50

Traditional fish & chips, chip shop style, mushy peas, tartare sauce  £12.50  

Chicken fajita skewer, tortilla, salsa, salad, fries £13.95   

( add guacamole or cheese extra )   £0.50

8oz burger, tomato chutney, bacon, Monterey jack cheese, brioche bun £13.95  

Pan fried salmon, spring onion, smoked salmon risotto, parsley oil   £15.95

Mediterranean vegetable fajita skewer, tortilla, salsa, salad, fries (v)   £12.50

( add guacamole or cheese extra ) £0.50


Home Cut Chips £2.50

Thin cut Fries £2.50

Onion Rings £2.50 

Cajun Fries £2.50

Peppercorn Sauce £2.00    

Blue Cheese Sauce £2.00

FOOD ALLERGIES AND INTOLERANCES - some of our foods may contain allergens. Please speak to a member of staff for more information and guidance. 


All Pizzas  £ 9.95

Margherita, tomato, Italian herbs, mozzarella     

Vegetarian, tomato, olives, roasted garlic, feta cheese, peppers 

Spicy chicken, jalapeno, red onion, roasted peppers         

Smoked salmon , sun blushed tomato, watercress, capers, parmesan              

The Royal, parma ham, rocket, tomato, parmesan, fresh mozzarella          

Garlic bread £5.50

Garlic bread, mozzarella cheese £6.50

Available to Take Away

Little People

Garlic Bread £2.50
Cheesey Garlic Bread £3.00
Fish, Chips & Peas £4.95
Sausage, Mash, peas and Gravy £4.95
Chicken goujon, fries, mini salad £4.95
Margarita Pizza £4.50
Ice Creams
(1 Scoop ) 
 (2 Scoops)  £2.90
Sticky toffee pudding
Mini doughnuts, chocolate sauce £3.50



Warm chocolate brownie, vanilla pod anglaise (g/f) £3.50                             

Espresso brulee, shortbread biscuit £3.50

Strawberry caramel cheesecake, toffee popcorn, rich honey £3.50                            

Gin & tonic jelly, candied lemon lemon syrup (g/f) £4.50

Sticky toffee pudding, butterscotch sauce £3.50

Baileys parfait, chantilly cream, vanilla poached sultanas (g/f)   £4.50    

1 scoop English Lakes ice cream, vanilla, chocolate, toffee, mint (g/f)   £1.50    

Toasted marshmallow, melting chocolate sauce £3.50

1 Cheese, chutney, crackers        £3.50

( please ask for our selection of cheese )                

Lemon posset, blueberry compote (g/f) £3.50