10 Reasons You Deserve a Weekend Away in Silverdale

10 Reasons You Deserve a Weekend Away in Silverdale

As summer rolls around and things slowly start to open up after a year like no other, many people will be looking for ways to unwind and escape with weekends away from home. Silverdale is the perfect place to do just that. This region on the very Northern point of Lancashire is home to a rich history, diverse landscapes, and inviting restaurants, pubs, and cottages. This mix of places and activities is the ideal way to enjoy a weekend with friends or family. If you need an excuse to treat yourself to a weekend away in Silverdale; here are 10 reasons you deserve a break.

Take in the Views

As the saying goes; ‘a change is as good as a rest’ and the stunning views available across Siverdale’s hills and valleys are definitely a change. Hikers, cyclists, and people who want to just take in the sunset as it basks the hills in a golden glow will find plenty to explore in this region. 

A particular highlight is Jack Scout. This hill has dramatic sea cliffs offering stunning views and green fields filled with purple orchids and songbirds. It is a fantastic place to unplug from the everyday and enjoy the majesty of nature.

Jack Scout in Silverdale

Enjoy Seasonal Highlights

Living in and around cities we often take for granted the changes that happen every year. Spring buds give way to summer blossoms, and autumnal colours are replaced by snowy winters bringing with it different flora and fauna. This means that all year round there is a seasonal highlight to experience in Silverdale. 

Spring blankets the countryside in wildflowers like bluebells and daffodils. The rare bird, the avocet, arrives to breed and brings with it a company of other interesting species including bitterns and marsh harriers.

Summer is a warm and inviting season with bursts of colour everywhere. The wildflowers attract butterflies and birds making this area ideal for family holidays and birdwatching alike.

Autumn is a wonderful season that shows nature in flux. The red deer shed summer coats and begin rutting, thousands of starlings form mesmerising murmurations, and forests turn to a kaleidoscope of autumnal colours. 

Winter brings dramatic views and interesting birdlife. Flocks of wildfowl gather, bitterns dance on the ice, and thousands of wading birds enjoy the shoreline’s banquet.

Historic Villages

It’s not just the natural surrounds but also the villages that are worth discovering. Silverdale itself is a charming village in Lancashire on the northwest coast. It is home to cute shops, wonderful holiday cottages, and inviting pubs like The Royal. This village is also steeped in history with The National Trust owning several pieces of land in the area. If you book a stay in Silverdale, you’ll never be far away from idyllic village life.

Silverdale Village

Beautiful Nature Reserves

This region’s diverse natural landscape makes it one of the most important in the UK with several natural reserves and AONB demarcated. These include must-visit areas like the Silverdale and Arnside AONB as well as Leighton Moss and Morecambe Bay. Whether you want to see the coast, hills, or forests, this region has whatever you need for a weekend away. 

Unwind at The Royal Silverdale

Sometimes all you need is a break from every day. Our cosy cottages are right in the centre of the village near our popular pub and restaurant. If you need a few days away why not book a stay with us and enjoy a weekend lounging in the beer garden or sampling the delights our menu has to offer before retiring to the comfort of your very own holiday cottage.

A Cottage Escape

Speaking of cottages; our selection of holiday accommodation is the perfect place to escape for a weekend. Our cottages are packed with features including private gardens, log burners, entertainment rooms, WiFi, and more. We can accommodate groups of up to six guests making this a convenient cottage escape.

Get Some Fresh Air

Much like your home needs a spring clean, so do people. Getting away from the noise and smoke of a big city can do wonders for your mental health and wellbeing. Studies have shown that spending time in nature improves well-being making a trip to Silverdale a great idea for anyone who needs some time to recuperate and get back in touch with themselves. 

Explore the Seaside

The sights, sounds and smells of the sea invigorate like nothing else. Why not book a trip to Silverdale and get some of that fresh air mentioned above. There is a rich coastline to explore with walks to Jenny’s Point and the nearby Morecambe Bay providing ample opportunities to enjoy the seaside.

Go on a Literary Journey

Silverdale is a convenient place to plan a pilgrimage to see where authors like Beatrix Potter and JRR Tolkein found inspiration. To the north, the Beatrix Potter museum in the Lake District is a must for families with the surrounding Lake District providing plenty to keep you busy during the day. 

While Lord of the Rings may have been filmed in New Zealand, it was England that inspired his fantastic world. The Cromwell Bridge is one of the places credited with inspiring Tolkein and a drive or hike around Lancashire will no doubt show fans the world this famed author drew upon for inspiration.

Cromwell Bridge

Go Back in Time

Finally, this rich natural landscape has been home to countless events. Plan a weekend trip to Silverdale and you’ll be able to learn about the rich history of sites like Dallam Tower, Cartmel Priory, Levens Hall, Leighton Hall Estate, and Arnside Tower. 

Relax and Unwind at The Royal

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to plan a weekend away in Silverdale. From natural landmarks to historic sites and delicious food, there is something for everyone in this little corner of England. Whatever your reason for booking a trip, The Royal Silverdale is here to slake your thirst and fill your belly. We also have luxurious cottages for you to relax and unwind in-between days out. 

If you’re interested in booking a stay with us or want to know more about what Silverdale and the surrounding area has to offer then contact us today and we’ll help you plan the ultimate weekend away.

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Royal Silverdale: The Perfect Large Family Holiday

As restrictions are lifted (depending on government advice) more people are looking forward to planning trips and large family holidays. Many of us haven’t been able to see friends or family for over a year. This summer certainly feels like the perfect opportunity to catch up and enjoy a break from everything. If you’re scratching your head wondering where to take the family on the next big holiday, look no further than the amazing cottages at The Royal. These cottages, as part of the Holgates Cottage Collection, are the perfect place to call home providing you and your group with easy access to stunning natural surroundings, exciting leisure centre amenities, and the tasty food and drinks on offer at The Royal Silverdale. Please note: Planning a large family holiday means more planning. Especially if you want to visit restaurants, events, or tourist attractions. We recommend phoning ahead for accommodation, meals, and any other activity before setting off. By spending some time planning and booking, you can ensure you and your group won’t miss out or be stuck looking for establishments with enough seats for all of you. The Knott (6 Guests) At The Royal in Silverdale, we have two inviting cottages situated right on our doorstep in the heart of the Silverdale village. These cottages, lovingly known as The Knott and The Pepper Pot, draw their names from famous landmarks in the area and are the perfect accommodation for families and friends looking to explore the beautiful Lancashire countryside.  The Knott, situated just a 5-minute walk from the beach, is the larger of the two cottages. It sleeps up to six people across three bedrooms. The rooms consist of one King-sized master bedroom, a double room, and a twin room. This spacious holiday cottage has a large living area. It is adjoined by a kitchen ideal for entertaining guests and preparing large family meals. You’ll also find a dishwasher, washer-dryer, fridge-freezer, and a large dining table all at your disposal.  The living area is ideal for relaxing after a long hike or day out. The log burning stove adds ambience and warmth while the comfortable leather furniture, Wifi and television mean you can get access to your favourite Netflix series when you feel like having some downtime.  The main bathroom comes fitted with a bath and a shower as well as an accompanying downstairs toilet. Outside you’ll find a private garden and garden furniture for barbecues and sundowners. The Pepper Pot (4 Guests) The Pepper Pot is the smaller cottage next door to The Knott. This quaint cottage sleeps four guests across two bedrooms; one double master bedroom and one twin bedroom. These rooms share a master bathroom with an overhead shower and toilet. This cosy living space has the same amenities as The Knott. It includes leather sofas, a television, and a log burning fire. Furthermore, the Pepper Pot’s kitchen is also full of utensils, a dining table for four and a washer-dryer. Outside, guests will find a private

The Silverdale Bucket List: Must See Areas to Discover on Your Next Holiday

Arnside and Silverdale are historic villages dotted along the beautiful Morecambe Bay. This unique location is home to a wide range of biomes ranging from limestone hills to meadows, dramatic coastal salt marshes, and peaceful woodlands. This diverse and rich landscape has so much for you to see and do that it can be tough deciding what to do.  At The Royal Silverdale, in the heart of the Silverdale village, we’ve seen and experienced everything this amazing place has to offer and have come up with a bucket list of places you simply have to put at the top of your list. Grab a pen and paper and prepare to put these names on your Silverdale bucket list. Visit the Arnside and Silverdale AONB Silverdale and Arnside are two villages sitting on The Bay coastline. Arnside and Silverdale AONB is filled with amazing scenery, diverse wildlife, and a huge selection of walks to explore with friends and family. The AONB encompasses a diverse range of landscapes running from orchards and flowering meadows to ancient woodlands and the sands of Morecambe Bay. This area is specially reserved as an AONB, one of only 34 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and as such is the highlight of a trip to Holgate’s Holiday Park in Silverdale. Whether you have a particular interest, like birdwatching or witnessing natural phenomena like The Bore, or just want somewhere to escape the everyday and go for a hike with friends and family, the Arnside and Silverdale AONB has to be on your list. Explore the Coastline around Jenny Brown’s Point A trip to Silverdale wouldn’t be complete without taking in the coastline. The beach stretching from Far Arnside in the north to Jenny Brown’s Point (south of Silverdale) is a stunning array of sandy shores and rocky outcrops that thousands of seafaring birds. Taking a stroll along the coast is a great day out and allows you to take in fantastic panoramic views at Jack Scout, Jenny Brown’s Point and Giants Seat. Couple a walk along the coast with a pint and a meal at The Royal Silverdale and you’ve found the perfect combination for a trip to Silverdale. Leighton Hall If you’re looking for history then look no further than the gilded residence of Leighton Hall. This beautiful estate has been the historic seat of the Gillow family for generations with manicured gardens and a princely home that has remained largely unchanged for over 700 years. The Gillow family still live in the home and look forward to welcoming guests to their home. Leighton Hall is also great for outdoor excursions with the Woodland Walk, Herb Garden Pavillion, the Walled Garden, and the Main Garden providing a variety of pretty places to walk, relax, and snap a few photos for the family back home. There’s also plenty for the kids to do with Bee Corner, the Caterpillar Maze, the Insect Hotel, and the Adventure Playground providing hours of entertainment. Silverdale’s Highlights Sometimes some of the best